I Heart Faces Friendship Challenge

I was inspired this week by a photoshoot that I did with a close friend of the family. This challenge for I Heart Faces could not have come at a better time. Without further adu I give you ::eternal friendship::

Thank you I Heart Faces for an amazing challenge this week!


Coming up for air

So, its been quite a few weeks since I last posted. Life just never seems to slow down ūüôā It seems that when you are a child you’re constantly waiting around for life to happen and then one day you wake up and you realize IT IS happening. Then one day you wake up and realize that life is happening way to fast and all you want to do is slam on the breaks and enjoy it just a bit more than the day before. In the past two months since my last post I have managed to have my Ethan graduate from Kindergarten (silently sobs), finish and PASS my NC state license exam to become a Nurse’s Aide (GO ME!) and just generally go crazy LOL! I watched my cousin Megan get married, my sister Dawn get married and celebrated the 4th with some great people. It’s been so nice to just enjoy the time I have with everyone and know that these memories don’t just happen to anyone…you have to make them happen. Now, some pictures to show you just a few memories that are now in my memory bank. Until next time….


Bad news bears…

So this weekend was supposed to be nice, easy and relaxing. It was Mother’s day after all. Of course, life being life, it didn’t turn out that way. Nathan, the kids, and I did have a great day Saturday spending it with family. My neice, Katie, turned 14! I can’t believe she’s growing up so fast! Unfortunatly the day was masked with the disappointing news that one of Nathan’s homeowners¬†passed away Saturday afternoon.¬† Lester was a very sweet man who¬†loved puzzles and children and someone whom we felt was very dear to us. Every time I took the kids to Nathan’s project, I could always find him at the puzzle table. And the smile that would like up his face would appear each and every time when he saw my kids…well, that was amazing.¬†I know it made going to work just a little bit better for Nathan. The coffee and chit chat that was shared will always be with him and I know that it made him happy.

For his wife Peggie, I can’t imagine the shock of un-expectation that must have come over her, and that it still remains with her today.¬† My deepest sympathies are with her, as are my thoughts and prayers.

Tomorrow is Lester’s funeral and I know it will be a difficult day for a lot of people. I’d like to include a link to Lester’s obituary so feel free to view and pass along your thoughts and prayers. I’m sure they’re received with great appreciation right now

Lester L. Foster, Sr.

To Lester, thank you for being that something he didn’t have growing up. Thank you for the jokes, the advice, the smiles, and the laughter. It was a real honor to know¬† you.


Okay, ¬†so as I’ve said before I love digital scrapbooking. Its the best craft because there’s no mess. With three kids, having papers and elements and glue and glitter around…it just doesn’t cut it. This weekend the digi-world is celebrating iNSD (inter-National Scrapbooking Day)! This is the time to find the BEST sales all year, have the most fun with contests, games, blog hops and so much more.

From Secret Stash, who in my personal opinion is the BEST digi artist/designer EVER, she’s got LOADS of stuff! Starting with her progressive sale at 9&B¬†, her new fan giveaway on Facebook and in her newsletter (you can sign up HERE), the blog freebie, the SPEED SCRAP on Saturday even BOGO deals this weekend too!

Plus she’s offering a chance to win another kit FREE!! All you have to do is make a purchase and you’ll be entered to win! Three ¬†days, three chances to win!

Awesome right?! Yea, you definitely don’t want to miss this!¬†GO check out Erin’s blog for more details NOW!

So Proud!

Yea…I’m super proud of myself right now for this: GSO Blog

Anyways, just had to come and share. The family and I had an amazing weekend of just being together. Nathan got a ton of stuff done in the garage and on Timmy’s Jet Ski so hopefully it will be gone soon. We had a great time last night at dinner and later we played pool for a bit. It was nice to get out and enjoy some time together. We’ve decided to play pool together once a week now on a¬†league¬†team. Its just for summer session but we’ll see how it goes. Who knows, maybe we’ll play together every session ūüôā Have a great rest of your Sunday evening everyone!

Another weekend…

And so it’s time for another weekend to begin! Today is filled with friends and errands and just plain fun. The sun is shining and I’m headed to the library with the boys to see what new books we can pick out. Then its home to clean up a bit and get some laundry done. Tonight though, Nate and I get a grown up’s night! WOOO! What better way to celebrate four years of marriage then to go stuff your face with some delicious food. Not sure what else the hubby has planned…apparently he’s going for the aspect of surprise this year.

I’ve spend the last few days scrapping as well. I used to do it a LOT and now I remember why. The satisfaction that I feel when I finish a page makes my insides all warm and fuzzy! Check out a few of the pages I’ve done so far this week. Also, feel free to join me at Ninth & Bloom¬†if you’d like to see more awesome designs from people!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyways…I’m off to do the mom thing, but I wanted to say have a great weekend!

And so it begins…

I’ve done the blogging thing before but I’ve never quite been able to stick with it. Hopefully this one is a little bit more successful then the last time around. ¬†So…welcome to the blog! I’m glad you’re here and I really hope you enjoy what you experience. PLEASE leave some love! I love comments (good or bad) on anything that I post. I love conversation and I don’t mind having one with a complete stranger.

I leave you with this note….Today, four years ago, I married my best friend. Today…I’m still married to the man. I feel like we’ve beaten some kind of odds here…