So this weekend was supposed to be nice, easy and relaxing. It was Mother’s day after all. Of course, life being life, it didn’t turn out that way. Nathan, the kids, and I did have a great day Saturday spending it with family. My neice, Katie, turned 14! I can’t believe she’s growing up so fast! Unfortunatly the day was masked with the disappointing news that one of Nathan’s homeowners passed away Saturday afternoon.  Lester was a very sweet man who loved puzzles and children and someone whom we felt was very dear to us. Every time I took the kids to Nathan’s project, I could always find him at the puzzle table. And the smile that would like up his face would appear each and every time when he saw my kids…well, that was amazing. I know it made going to work just a little bit better for Nathan. The coffee and chit chat that was shared will always be with him and I know that it made him happy.

For his wife Peggie, I can’t imagine the shock of un-expectation that must have come over her, and that it still remains with her today.  My deepest sympathies are with her, as are my thoughts and prayers.

Tomorrow is Lester’s funeral and I know it will be a difficult day for a lot of people. I’d like to include a link to Lester’s obituary so feel free to view and pass along your thoughts and prayers. I’m sure they’re received with great appreciation right now

Lester L. Foster, Sr.

To Lester, thank you for being that something he didn’t have growing up. Thank you for the jokes, the advice, the smiles, and the laughter. It was a real honor to know  you.