So, its been quite a few weeks since I last posted. Life just never seems to slow down šŸ™‚ It seems that when you are a child you’re constantly waiting around for life to happen and then one day you wake up and you realize IT IS happening. Then one day you wake up and realize that life is happening way to fast and all you want to do is slam on the breaks and enjoy it just a bit more than the day before. In the past two months since my last post I have managed to have my Ethan graduate from Kindergarten (silently sobs), finish and PASS my NC state license exam to become a Nurse’s Aide (GO ME!) and just generally go crazy LOL! I watched my cousin Megan get married, my sister Dawn get married and celebrated the 4th with some great people. It’s been so nice to just enjoy the time I have with everyone and know that these memories don’t just happen to anyone…you have to make them happen. Now, some pictures to show you just a few memories that are now in my memory bank. Until next time….